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Full name: Shauna McKenzie

Birthday: 22 May 1984

Place of birth: August Town, Saint Andrew, Jamaica

Often referred to as "The Strong One", Etana was raised in a family of boys. Migrating to Florida in 1992, she went on to attend college  with plans of becoming a Registered Nurse. But her passion for music saw her take another direction and in 2000, Etana joined a female vocal group named "Gift". Not wanting to dress provocatively (as many girl groups were doing at the time), Etana returned to Jamaica with plans to open an Internet Cafe and focus on making music that reflected her embracement of Rastafari principles.


In 2005 Etana became one of Richie Spice's vocalists on his tour of Europe and North America and in 2006 went on to release

“Wrong Address”, the song that formally introduced Etana to the masses and peaked at #1 on a number of Reggae music charts.


Etana continues to create hits and has 2 Grammy nominations, so far! 

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