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Freddie McGregor

Freddie McGregor

Full name: Freddie McGregor

Birthday: 27 June 1956

Place of birth: Clarendon, Jamaica

Singer, musician and producer, Freddie McGregor, started his career aged seven, when he joined with Ernest Wilson and Peter Austin to form The Clarendonians, and began to record for the legendary Studio One label. After The Clarendonians split in mid-60s, Freddie and Fitzroy went on to form a duo and recorded many hits.


Freddie stayed at Studio One for much of the 70s, working as a session drummer and backing singer while developing his own style and writing his own material, which was greatly impacted by his conversion to Rastafarianism in 1975.


He released his first album, "Mr. McGregor", in 1977, and released countless hits before receiving a Grammy nomination in 2003 for his album "Anything for You".

In 2013, he received a Marcus Garvey Lifetime Achievement Award from the Institute of Caribbean Studies.

Musical talent runs in the McGregor family, with his son Stephen "Di Genius" McGregor, winning multiple Grammys for his songwriting and producing. 

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